Divine Diamond Events
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All About That Mesh Fair



Please Copy and Paste the following in a notecard and send it to Pebbles892 resident


Store name:

Store Logo:

Contact person:

SLurl to store:

What do you sell:

How did you hear about us:

What hunt or Fair are you participating in with us?:

Would you like to sponsor? (cost 200)

If you would like to join the Group Please IM Pebbles892 resident or Quetzacotyl Resident for invite. (will need a Tag to Rez)

By sponsoring you will get a spot up on our web page and in the blog as well as advertised in world!


Application Deadline: May 27th

Sign must be out soon after being accepted in the Event please
Sign Check: May 30th

Set up start: June 1st

Set up finish: June 4th

Start Date: June 5th

End Date: June 11th

Clean up: June 12th and 13th

If you have any questions please IM pebbles892 resident